Message from Head Boy

Being the Head Boy of ‘Perry Beeches – the Academy’ is such a privilege.  My school inspires me to be more than just a ‘Good Student.’ I am inspired to be a TRUE ‘Success Story’.  I love every minute of my role.  This role has paved the way for excellent opportunities such as; meeting with the Prime Minister, The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and various others.

What is it about PB that makes it a beacon of light in our city?

Great Staff! Great Students! Great Ethos!

PB isn’t just a school, with staff and students. There is a great ‘TEAM SP

IRIT’ which has carefully been created over the years.  This ethos has seen us through years of hard work and most importantly, through this ethos, we are indeed very proud of the sensational results students have left with.  It gives me great confidence to know my fellow students and I will leave with amazing results.

My vision is to inspire the younger students and give them a positive outlook to school.  As I have come to truly appreciate the dynamic school I am a part of, it is crucial that I ensure all students feel safe, happy and nurtured. I truly am PROUD of ‘TEAM PB’!

Message from the Head Girl

I am the Head Girl of ‘Perry Beeches-The Academy’ and I feel privileged and honoured to be identified as a role model within the school.  My role has provided me with the opportunity to work closely with fantastic students and amazing members of staff.  This has helped me develop in confidence, charisma and courage.

Being a Student Leader has made me learn vital lessons about leadership such as; the need to be ready to serve others, being a listener is sometimes better than being a speaker, having a good heart will always make you lead others better and many more.  I do not take for granted the trust of the amazing young people I have come across in the last 5 years; hence I am not only loyal to them but driven to serve them effectively.

About My School:

I will describe PB as a ‘Symbol of Excellence.’  I am in awe of the amazing turn around in the last 5 years.  PB truly represents the notion that; positive change is possible, positive change could always be NOW and most importantly ‘Positive Change breeds something special for a brighter tomorrow.’  For this reason, I am indebted to PB for giving youngsters the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.

My vision is to ensure that all students feel that their ideas contribute to the development of school life, supporting students to understand the importance of education and clearly portraying how passion and determination will ALWAYS lead to success.  I am proud of my school ‘Perry Beeches -The Academy’ where the magic never ENDS!


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