Birmingham Childrens Hospital

When we drove past the hospital a few months ago, I asked my mom if I could donate my caps to the children there who were having treatment for cancer and maybe loosing their hair……my mom contacted the hospital and we made plans to go in and make my donation.

Straight after school when we broke up for Easter I went to the hospital and donated 33 caps!

I was shown round the hospital by Justine who runs the fund raising there and it was sad and happy to see. Sad to see the poorly children, happy to see the wonderful things the people are doing to help make them better. The teenage cancer ward was really modern and welcoming in there you  didn’t feel like you were in hospital but sadly the childrens cancer ward (for children under 13) in the hospital was not the same, it was old and small and you really knew you are in hospital! The hospital is raising money to help build a better cancer ward for children and the plans look amazing.

After my visit I am talking to the hospital team about setting up a ‘pen pal’ scheme and other things like getting dancers, choirs and other entertainment in to the hospital; not just the cancer ward but other wards too for me and my friends to help make others happy but I would love to help them raise money too…….please donate every little bit really helps and they only have £500,000 left to go!  lets help them build a nice, modern ward for the little children 🙂

Jamie Year 8.