Care, Guidance and Support

At Perry Beeches The Academy, we believe effective Pastoral Care is an essential support for student learning and development, as a result every member of staff has some degree of pastoral responsibility as outlined above.

The Pastoral Care of our students begins after they have accepted a place in our Year 7 but before they start in September. From the July before the students start they have the opportunity to take part in the following:
• Induction Day and Evening in July before they start in September
• Summer School for one week during the summer holidays before they start. This is run by Perry Beeches staff free of charge and open for all students due to start in September.
• Induction into Year 7 in September where Year 7 and Year 11 are the only Year Groups in school for one day. Year 7 spend time with their Form Tutor throughout this day in order to settle them in and graduate their start.

Pastoral Structure

Perry Beeches The Academy has students aged from 11 – 16, each year group has 6 Form Groups with approximately 30 students in each Form. Registration occurs both in the mornings and afternoons, during morning registration there is a structured timetable of activities that support the SMSC and also PSHE and Citizenship. Each week there is a different theme of the week which runs alongside the different celebrations and events that happen throughout the year.

PSHE and Citizenship

PSHE and Citizenship are taught to all year groups by the Form Tutors and where appropriate outside agencies are brought in to deliver session to the students. The themes and topics covered are all relevant to the Year Group to enable students to have access to the information they need at the appropriate times in their lives. The scheme of work offers progression year on year through the delivery of the topics. The delivery of PSHE and Citizenship is supported through registration activities and assemblies. Please see the scheme of work for a more detailed outline of the topics covered throughout the year.


We believe rewards and praise are central to creating a positive ethos within the school. A range of methods are used to reward our students including:
• Merit Shop (Students trade their merits for a selection of different rewards)
• Merits (Academic and Pastoral)
• Head Teachers Awards
• End of Term trips
• Presentation Assemblies
• Form Competitions (attendance/Star of the Week etc.)
• Team PB achievements (this rewards students for the achievements they have outside of school that deserves recognition in school.

All this information can be found in the students passports or if you click the link below:

Rewards Information

Behaviour for Learning

Perry Beeches The Academy takes pride in its effective ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policies. The school relies upon each individual student following a responsible code of behaviour as well as specific school rules. Students are very much involved in the running of the school through Year Councils and Whole School Councils and have had an impact on the expectations the school has on all students. We run on an ethos of mutual respect between all adults and students in the building.

Similarly, parents are a vital part of ‘Behaviour for Learning’ in the school and we encourage an open and honest relationship between the school and all parents/carers. This is done through phone calls, letters, meetings, reports, communication through the passport on a regular basis.

By far, the best method of encouraging good behaviour and high standards of effort and attainment is through recognition and praise; the school has developed a system of rewards to this end as mentioned in our ‘Rewards’ section.