Social Sciences


“Creating unforgettable experiences for all”

We will achieve this through the following core values:

  •  We all have a passion for our subject’s.
  • We all have belief in every student.
  • Collaboration and innovation are at the centre of our practice.


Mr D Hart – Head of Social Sciences Faculty and Head of History
Miss J Wright – Teacher of History
Miss S Deventer – Teacher of History
Ms J Ferdaous – Lead teacher of Religious Education
Miss N Dale – Lead teacher of Health and Social Care and Child Development and Deputy Head of Year 10.



History at Perry Beeches attempts to discover the past so that we can make sense of the present and look to the future. We travel from Medieval to the present on a journey that takes in castles, disease, slavery, wars, the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution and the Suffragettes.

Students will study:

  • Year 7: 1066, Black Death, Slavery, Industrial Revolution, French Revolution
  • Year 8: Suffragettes, WWI, WW2, Early Surgery, Native American Indians

Religious Studies

Here at Perry Beeches The Academy we believe studying religion and belief is an essential part of a complete education because of the influence of religions and beliefs on individuals, culture, behaviour and national life. Most religions and beliefs offer answers to life’s deepest questions. And most young people are seeking answers to those questions, as they grow into independence.

Students will study:

  • Year 7 – Christianity, Islam and Judaism; Belief about God, Founder and Holy Text, Place of Worship.
  • Year 8 – Sikhism; Equality and Religion, Good and Evil, Social Injustice.

Key Stage 4

GCSE  History (OCR B)

Germany 1918-1945 looks at the conditions that existed following WWI that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. How did this happen? Who was affected? Could it happen again?
Medicine through Time is a journey through 5,000 years of beliefs, treatments & healers. From trephining to organ transplantation and beyond…
History Around Us examines Kenilworth Castle, its development and importance.

Within this programme of study, students overall grade will be comprised of the following:

Paper 1: Medicine & Germany 45%.

Paper 2: Public Health 30%.

Controlled Assessment 25%.

GCSE Religious Studies: Philosophy & Ethics (OCR B)

At GCSE level, we want to inspire students to engage with major issues that are relevant in the 21st century. At Perry Beeches The Academy students gain a deeper understanding of Christianity and Islam, and explore philosophy and ethical studies in the modern world such as Good and Evil, Peace and Justice and End of Life.

Within this programme of study, students overall grade will be comprised of the following:
Ethics – 50%
• Religion and Human Relationships
• Religion and Medical Ethics
• Religion and Equality
• Religion, Peace and Justice

Philosophy – 50%
• Religious and Spiritual Experience
• End of Life
• Religion and Science
• Good and Evil