Literacy and Numeracy

At Perry Beeches, we are committed to improving literacy and numeracy skills for all students.  We promote the importance of using these key skills in the wider world by for example promoting the virtues of reading for pleasure and incorporating real life numeracy skills.  We believe that literacy and numeracy is the responsibility of all staff regardless of subject specialism – they are truly cross curricular skills.

All pupils are assessed termly with specific literacy and numeracy tests with progress measured.  Assessment data is actively mined and tracked to identify areas where improvements can be made.  We specifically target those students for whom additional support is required. This is done through our ‘Paired Learner’ scheme where students in Years 9 and 10 assist, mentor and support younger children with their reading and mathematical experiences.

Our aim is to ensure that poor literacy and numeracy is never a barrier to achievement and we strive to enable all of our students to have regular access to a wide range of high quality resources to facilitate this.  We aim to build upon our existing skills and resources to offer personalized support from subject specialists within these critical areas.

The impact of these strategies has been commented on:

“The academy’s curriculum is relevant and rich. Care is taken to make it flexible and personalised. Its success is apparent in the very low number of students who do not move on to employment, education or training in an area of above-average social deprivation.”  Ofsted 2013.