Birmingham Children’s Hospital

On Tuesday 13th January, 12 students from our Whole School Council had the opportunity and honour to visit the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where we had a tour of the hospital and an insight into some of the wards.

During the tour we learnt a lot about the hospital and future projects that will go towards making the hospital a more comfortable environment for the patients and their families; this helped us to see the real difference our fundraising could make. We saw and learnt about the amazing care the staff give to the patients every day.

In our opinion the most memorable part of the tour was the Chapel. It was an ordinary Chapel with services such as christenings. Within the Chapel, there was a book which allowed parents or siblings to write down prayers to God. This was emotional to read as it portrays all the heartache, pain and hard times the families are going through.

As our chosen charity for this year we are looking forward to coming up with ways to raise money to help this amazing hospital.

Brandon Ward                                                                                                   Aida Hadirah

Head Boy                                                                                                             Head Girl

The students are keen to fundraise to enable children and families to have the opportunities they need to ensure their stay in hospital is as comfortable as possible. If anyone has any innovative ideas please contact Sarah Dorsett at school -0121 360 4242.

The money raised by Perry Beeches The Academy will go towards funding new play spaces for the wards in the hospital. BCH need to raise £200,000 to update and extend the currently pretty runs down play rooms. Information about this is on the website:

Let Us Play | Birmingham Childrens Hospital Charities


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