Bob Jones Visit

Bob Jones – Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands visited Perry Beeches The Academy to launch a Community Task Force for the students to get their voices heard in the local community. Perry Beeches is working in partnership with WM Police and other local agencies in the area to address community safety issues. We have a range of visitors to support the day including a hugely supportive team from WM Police, Perry Barr One Stop, Councillor Linnecor, local residents, the Perry Barr District team and Birmingham Community Safety team. The students addressed four theme groups on the day, each one led by a Year 11 student.

  • Positive Community Safety- Young People and Police Relations
  • Gun and Knife Crime in our locality in our City, a young person’s perspective
  • Anti-Social behaviour in the Constituency, community task forcing, working together
  • Image/portrayal of Young People in Birmingham – how do we create positive media.

The students created priority areas to be discussed at a further meeting at Kingstanding Police station. Students had concerns with regard to the barriers between young people and the Police, anti- social behaviour, street lighting and litter. The group will meet monthly to address issues of this nature and we hope to make a real difference in the area.

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