Canal and River Trust Visit


Students from Perry Beeches The Academy visited Icknield Port Canal to meet a group of volunteers who maintain narrowboats. They work alongside the Canal and River Trust. Students heard all about living and working on a narrowboat. Narrowboats were originally built as working boats in the 18/19th /20th centuries for carrying goods on the narrow canals. A wide variety of narrowboats can be found on the waterways from preserved historical working boats to purpose built hire boats/boat hotels etc.

Students had the opportunity to speak to an 80 year old that was born and bred on a narrowboat. He explained his life having not being to school and had any education. The students were mesmerised by his stories. One student said ‘I like the idea of never going to school, but I don’t think I would like all of that hard work and getting up so early – oh and nowhere to sleep’.


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