Great Barr Primary School visit

On the 26th of November 2013, Great Barr Primary School’s Year 5 got the chance to visit the Academy and take part in some French lessons, courtesy of Mr Brocklebank and Miss Jhalley. Mr Brocklebank taught them about a French graffiti artist, Dran. Whereas, Miss Jhalley talked about sports and how you talk about them in French. A set of thoroughly enjoyable lessons and assisted by two Year 8s and a Year 9 student, they had the chance to ask any questions they had about the Academy. After a short break-time with a cake and a drink, they returned to the classrooms to do the alternate lesson. As well as this, whoever stood out to the teachers and the students received a Perry Beeches Award pen for their hard work and effort. Overall, this was a fantastic experience for all the Year 5s to get a taster of life at the Academy.

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