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Love Brum

Perry Beeches The Academy recently submitted an application to Love Brum to host a Summer Festival. 12 students will camp at Homelands for two nights. Musical students will provide entertainment for the residents and their families – a hog roast will be served and hopefully the sun will shine. The Academy has been awarded £1000 based on the following application.

What is Homelands Festival?

Homelands festival is a unique summer camp where 12 students and staff from Perry Beeches The Academy camp in the gardens of Homelands, Sheltered accommodation scheme. We will bring our tents and cook our food outside on an open fire. We will provide tasty bacon sandwiches for the residents to enjoy for breakfast. As a part of our annual camp we will host an evening of entertainment. We will bring talented musicians to entertain the residents and their families at Homelands. There will be a marquee on the grass (hopefully in the Birmingham sunshine!)  Students will share their musical talents. We will have a hog roast, picnic blankets to sit on and an array of smiles that joins young and old alike in a celebration of friendships we have made over the last four years.

If successful what are you going to use your LoveBrum funding for?

The funding will be used to hire the marquee and provide a good variety of food including a hog roast and refreshments for the anticipated 150 guests that we want to include. We will also create games for the children and residents. These will include old fashioned lawn games – we will fund the resources needed to enable the games to come to life.

What do you love about Birmingham?

Birmingham shares the successes of ordinary people- it is a diverse city with a mix of cultures. There are lots of happy memories to be shared of by the residents of Birmingham and there has been lots of investment made. International and local events bring families together and we need to build on these successes. Birmingham has something to offer everyone, 8000 acres of parks in the City, iconic buildings, football clubs, and more canals than Venice… these needs to be shared and celebrated.

Why should the LoveBrum community vote to fund the Homelands Festival?

The LoveBrum community should think of their vote as a ‘smile’. For every vote brings a smile to someone’s face. Every vote enables one person to listen to another. One vote makes a connection between two people; one vote could create a long lasting friendship. The votes enable a group of people to create a synergy that makes lasting memories to share and celebrate.

Where can people go to find out more about the festival?

Please feel free to ring The Academy (0121 360 4242) and ask for Sarah Dorsett Community and Partnership Manager who will be able to tell you all about it with great enthusiasm. Alternatively contact Wendy/Sarah Scheme Managers at Homelands (0121 358 1895) who will eagerly tell you about the festival and the happiness it brings to the residents.


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