India Trip 2013

On October 22nd, eleven students from our Year 11 set out on a once in a life time expedition to India for 10 nights.  The trip was part of a five year long project which started way back in Year 7.  Our aim was to gain an understanding about worldwide education, Indian lifestyle and culture… and what better way to accomplish this than going out to India!!!

We were able to visit a variety of places that opened our eyes to a whole different world.  We experienced The Golden Temple, The Red Fort – which is a world heritage site; the India Gate and the Jallianwala Bagh.  In addition to this we were kindly invited to meet Mr David Lelliot the Deputy High Commissioner to the British Embassy.  We visited the Indian Embassy in Delhi and we also met the British Council team, who generously asked us to attend a Diwali party!

However, the most crucial and important part of our trip was meeting our pen pals at our connected schools, where we were able to relate to our pen pals who soon became our good friends.  We played cricket, went to water parks, interacted in lessons and visited over 6 schools.

The connections we have made will last forever and we would like to thank Mr Nolan, Mr Nandi and Mrs Bhamra for such a wonderful trip.

Shabnam Ubhi – Head Girl

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