The 2012 ‘RAISEonline’ data has been released.

Perry Beeches has been placed in the 1st percentile for VA scores – in other words – for adding values to young peoples’ education from aged 11 to aged 16, Perry Beeches is in the Top 1% in the UK!!

Besides our amazing 5 A* – C results, or our ‘School of the Year Awards’ – the data, the facts, speak for themselves.

In 2007, five years ago, Perry Beeches was in the 99th percentile – the very bottom 1% of schools in the UK for ‘adding value’ to children’s education.

Today it has been announced, 5 years later, that Perry Beeches is now in the top 1%!!

Real statistics and data – objectively measured – no questions, no debate, TEAM PB has gone from the very, very bottom to the very, very top in 5 years!!

This has never, ever been achieved before in Britain in a five year period. Team Perry Beeches is the No 1 achieving school in the UK!!

RAISEonline data takes the raw facts of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 results. It measures the progress every young person in a school has made – whether they are the brightest and most able or the students who most struggle. The Value Added score takes every child from their starting point and measure them at the end of their school career. Perry Beeches in 2007 was adding no value in the five years children spent at its secondary school – it was the worst performing school in the country – in the bottom 1% on the Value Added measure.

Today, national statistics have been released showing that this Birmingham comprehensive school is the best performing school in the UK; going from adding no value to adding the best value in the UK – in the top 1% value added score in Britain.

Team PB have created this world breaking record in just 5 years!!

“We are overwhelmed. This is the most important information and evidence of our success. We have been praised by colleagues, industry, Secretaries of State for Education, but now FACTS ARE FACTS!! You cannot argue with the raw data… there is something remarkable, even miraculous, happening here at PB in Birmingham and this needs to be recognised. In just five years we have gone from the very bottom to the very top!” raved Liam Nolan, Executive Headteacher.

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