Level 3 Games


On Thursday 9TH July 2015, we went to King Edwards VI School to participate in the Level 3 Turkish Airways Secondary School games. We competed at the Munrow Sports Centre, University of Birmingham. Our sport was trampolining. We completed a set of 5 skills followed by a set routine, which landed us in 4th place!

The facilities at the University were amazing and everybody was helpful, encouraging and supportive of the opposing teams.  As we arrived at the University, the sites and surroundings left us speechless.  Also seeing the University students graduating on our journey through the campus has left us inspired to aim high and achieve. Our experience has made us want to go to University in the future.

Furthermore, girls from Year 7 and 8 competed in 4 games of netball. It was competitive as we were against other teams who were also successful in their previous tournaments. Our first match, against Heartlands ended in a 1-1 draw. Unfortunately, we lost the other 3 games by a very small margin. We felt privileged to compete in the Level 3 games and we participated in this high level of competition due to our success in the previous competitions prior to this.

We would like to thank the PE department for providing the facilities, knowledge and time which allowed us to do well in the final competition.

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