LGBT Month

From 11th to 15th February, our school held its annual LGBT focus week. The aim of the week is to educate students on matters Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans in line with the school’s inclusion policy and mutual respect ethos.

Lessons during the week discussed the history of LGBT issues, and all students took part in PSHE and Citizenship lessons tackling the subject of combatting homophobic bullying and why we at Team PB celebrate diversity and inclusion regardless of race, sexual orientation, cultural beliefs or disability.

The Performing Arts team treated all students to a specially extended assembly, where students from Year 10 staged an outstanding and moving piece of drama, which highlighted the effect that homophobic bullying can have on an individual. All those involved worked incredibly hard in rehearsals to produce a performance with impact, dynamism, humour and a very important message.

Students also watched a highly entertaining yet compelling piece of drama performed by the Round Midnight Theatre Company. The play centred around two best friends, one of whom comes out as gay, which is not received well by his long-term friend and resulted in a big fall-out between them. The performance then became interactive as our audience of students made the decision that the story should end with the broken friendship being repaired.

Students were also given the opportunity to show their support for the fight against homophobic bullying by having their photo taken to be included in a giant rainbow flag with the slogan “Team PB says  NO to homophobic bullying” – students from all year groups queued over breaktime to make sure that their face was on the flag supporting indicating their support of diversity within PB!

The week culminated with our Year 10 Drama students performing their assembly piece at the Birmingham Schools LGBT Showcase at the Library Theatre in the city centre. The event was superbly organised by Elly Barnes, LGBT co-ordinator for Birmingham City Council. Our students performed to an audience of 200 dignitaries and other schools on Friday 15th February! The quality of all performances from the schools taking part was exceptional and our students certainly raised the bar in terms of professionalism and impact.

The whole week was a resounding success – laughter, drama, education, enlightenment, changes in attitude, not to mention the lasting impact on Team PB’s mutual respect ethos! Go Team PB and a huge thank you to all who made it such a brilliant success!


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