Mock Bar Trials


On Saturday 21st March 2015, Perry Beeches The Academy and many more schools in and around Birmingham went to compete in the Mock Bar Trials. In this competition the school competed against the eventual winners, Sutton Girls, and the runners up, St Francis of Assisi. Below is the report from our second round:

They were given a case about a theft: Pat Taylor was accused of stealing a mobile phone from Sam Flowers’ shop and florist – Flowers. Pat Taylor pleaded not guilty.

In the trial, Sam Flowers recalled that around lunchtime on 6th February 2015, two young people came into her shop. She claimed that one of the people asked to see what roses she had in stock and as she moved away from the counter the other person grabbed her mobile phone and they both ran out of the shop to the nearby bus stop. She then tried to run after them; however she was threatened by the person with her phone, so stayed in the shop and called the police. Sam Flowers stated she saw what clothes the young people were wearing, however did not see their hair or eye color.

On the other hand, Pat claimed that she was shopping on High Road for a Valentine’s gift for her partner, with her best mate Jules Martin. They both claimed they went into a number of shops; however they didn’t go to the lower end of the street, where the florist is. They said they never go to that end of the street as the shops are too expensive and Pat has severe hay fever so going in a florist would set it off. Pat and Jules were outside the mobile phone shop when a police officer approached them, as Pat’s clothing matched the description given by Sam – dark jeans and a hooded top. Pat was then asked some questions, cautioned and arrested.

After listening to this case, the magistrates decided the verdict was not guilty because of Sam not being completely sure of what the person who stole her phone was wearing, so we cannot be sure that Pat Taylor was the thief.

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