Open Evening supported by groups from local community

Our Community room hosted Sustrans, Bike Right, West Midlands Fire Service, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and residents from Homelands. Students happily told visitors about all of their positive skills they had learned having been involved with community initiatives. One student told families about raising £6600 to sail on a tall ship and produced a very high quality power point. We taught visitors how to tie knots, we promoted cycling and safety on the roads and the importance of maintaining your own cycle. Ipads were used to route plan journeys by foot and cycling routes available in the area. West Midlands Fire Service offered free home checks to local people and sought assistance to increase community involvement in decisions made by the fire service. We supported Birmingham Children’s Hospital by selling wrist bands and badges as our chosen charity for 2014/15.

Our school also worked with West Midlands Fire Service to publicise the message about the risks associated with drink driving, both as the driver and as a passenger with someone that had been drinking. We created and designed artwork on a car ceased by West Midlands Police to be displayed in public areas. The car can be seen at Safeside in Birmingham; however it was displayed at The Academy for our open week. The car received wide ranging comments from visitors. One parent said ‘as a lad I would have loved that, it also makes kids think doesn’t it. This school is great; I honestly didn’t think you could fit as many things into a school day, well done!’

Residents from Homelands recreated an indoor camp site, sharing stories with parents about our students visiting and camping at their sheltered accommodation annually for the past four years. It was evident from the comments made and the feedback received that Perry Beeches The Academy is committed to making a difference locally. An 82 year old resident said to one of the parents ‘this school is like my second home, nothing is too much trouble, the students are always pleased to see us and we are always made to feel welcome, we always have constant supply of tea and happy faces. It makes me want to come back to school’.

Perry Beeches is working in partnership with Birmingham City Council, Centro, Sustrans and Bike Right to develop cycling in school. Our new year 7 students are cycling to school and locking their bikes up on the new Sheffield stands we had installed. Funding was received for 14 bikes which are being used in PE. The projects are growing and so is the students thirst to get involved and engage in new initiatives. Perry Beeches not only offers a wealth of academic opportunities, it creates the personal statements required for University with heartfelt meaningful opportunities that have made a difference. We are proud of our partnership with our students and the community. We look forward to future projects and new students and families joining us.

Open Evening - Commun

Students with some of our local community members

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