PGL Thursday Morning Update

Good morning from deepest, darkest Shropshire!

Students had an earlier than previous wake up call this morning with a 6am wake up as it was our turn to have early breakfast and despite dancing the night away at the Disco last night all students were yet again up before teachers went around and gave them a wake up call which shows just how independent and responsible they all are.

Many students are feeling a little sad today that it is our last full day, one student asked SLT this morning if we could move PB to here full time, when SLT explained that the drive every morning would be a little long, he replied ‘it would be so worth it sir!’ Goes to show the impact the week is making on the students.

Yesterday we had a fantastic day but unfortunately the WIFI went down so we could not update the website but in brief yesterday saw students: Kayaking, jumping off a 15 foot tower onto a trapeze, learning Bear Grylls survival tips, quad biking, archery, swinging on the ‘giant swing’ and dancing the night away at the disco.

Staff from both schools and the PGL camp itself have been very very impressed with the students and how much they are willing to give activities that might scare them a go. So many students with fear of heights have had a go on some of the highest activities.

What has also been brilliant to watch is how well the students have bonded with students from PBIII. Some new friendships have been made that will last a long time after the students return home on Friday, and that is why PGL is so important in our school year.

Today SLT are walking around groups again and will make sure they upload a few photos onto our Twitter account @pbtheacademy. As well as this the media team have taken alot of photos and we will try to upload these all into a gallery on this website tomorrow.


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