Safer Travel Partnership


Perry Beeches The Academy works with a range of partners to provide a wealth of opportunities for the students. Year 7 students received a visit from West Midlands Police working with the Safer Travel Partnership at the start of the new term.

Every year the safer travel partnership holds an Operation focusing on bus and train safety to ensure that the new year 7 students are aware of what is expected of them whilst travelling on public transport.  For a lot of year 7’s, this is the first time that they will have travelled alone so they gave advice on how to keep themselves safe and how to deal with any Anti-Social Behaviour that they may witness. 

Year 7 students listened attentively in assembly and had to complete a questionnaire about safer travel. They had to state why being safe on buses was important and what message they would give to the general public. After visiting 6000 students in the West Midlands we are pleased to announce that the winner was from Year 7. Tyrese won a £100 amazon voucher and the opportunity to name a bus for National Express. The name he chose was Talasia –Rose after his niece.  Tyrese also won a class pass for his friends and he will visit the National Express bus station as an extra special treat.

His winning phrase was:You should behave on buses because they are not your property to damage. You should never distract the drivers or cause them any harm and never harass anyone in general”

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