On Thursday 31st January, Year 7 was lucky enough to meet ‘The Animal Man’ who brought some of his amazing animals to show us!

He brought many fantastic animals like the Fat-Tailed Leopard Gecko, an Albino Python, a Cane Toad, Cockroaches and a Chilli Rose Tarantula.

The Tarantula was furry, but if you felt beneath the fur, you could feel the hard exo-skeleton. There were lots of people who were scared of it but he didn’t make us touch it!!  The Python and the Gecko were soft and smooth, like a blanket, on their stomachs – not at all wet, cold and slimy like you might imagine!  Everyone wanted to feel these!

No-one would go near the Cockroaches, which felt like fingernails – all hard and rough.  The Animal Man told us that when they are threatened or angry they hiss quite loudly to frighten predators away – and then he poked them to let us hear them.  They smelt ghastly!

Overall, the experience was fantastic and we learned lots about the wonderful animals and got to see things we would never usually see up close.

My Five Fantastic Facts

We learned many amazing facts from the Animal Man, here are 5 of my favourites:

  1. When there are predators near, a Tarantula will rub its legs together so the hairs fly off its legs into the predator’s eyes.
  2. A Fat-Tailed Leopard Gecko will shed its tail, when under attack, to distract its enemy, and can re-grow its tail!
  3. A Cockroach can survive a nuclear explosion!
  4. Albino Pythons never last long in the wild – its lack of camouflage means it’s an easy target for hunters!
  5. A Cane Toad will release toxic liquid from its neck when it is being bitten to poison its attacker!


By Jamie 7KGU

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