The first half of this term

Perry Beeches is a whirlwind of opportunities. Since I first started here, the school has helped build my confidence in every possible way. At Perry Beeches they help you to become self-motivated and inspire you to do more and to do well.

This term has been a great term so far in Year 8. I realised that it is a huge transition from Year 7 as; this year is more about responsibility. The school has a great atmosphere and this makes you feel safe within the school. Even though we work very hard, the school has still been very lively and I feel that as I go up in the successive year groups my confidence is building and so is my independence.

In October we celebrated Black History month and learnt about other people and their cultures. The choir and the rest of the Performing Arts team went to South and City College Birmingham to perform with different acts from the college too. Mr Nolan made an appearance and all the acts performed very well.  Also, the Performing Arts team had a huge Black History concert which had very special guests. Later, in October, we had the Halloween disco which went very well.  People came in crazy costumes and crazy makeup to this event. There was a lot of dancing going on and everyone enjoyed it.

All the subjects this term have been fun, but also the staff  have helped me and other students in the year group understand these subjects too. The staff pushes you more and make sure you are putting all your effort into your work. This term I have learnt a lot from using a wide range of punctuation consistently and applying it to your work to, learning how to do simple expressions. All of these lessons stick in your mind as you build a relationship with the teachers and this helps you understand more.

From September, personally, I think that pupils have again got used to what school is normally like and have settled in again, and even though this is only the first half of term I think that Perry Beeches is going to have a lot more of fun learning and activities.

By Lauren Buchanan in year 8

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