Two brothers in year 7 conquer Ben Nevis


Two brothers in year 7 managed to conquer Ben Nevis in the half term holiday; they have recounted their memories of the day they got to the summit….

We had planned for weeks to go to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. On the day my dad, my brother, my dog (Buster) and myself took 6 hours to climb the mountain. We were in no rush and so took our time to admire the brilliant views. Very near the top, out of nowhere a jet came and it was very close to the mountain we could even see the pilot. He flew straight past us and did a roll over the summit. When we reached the summit we stayed an hour and a half to look at the amazing views all around us. Facing east we could even see as far as the sea! When we started off we were told that the temperature at the summit was minus 1 but when we were there it seemed a lot warmer. On our decent we took our time again taking in the beautiful views as we went. Also we refilled our water bottles with fresh mountain spring water. We made the walk last all day, but once at the campsite it was so nice to take my shoes off. By Ethan Meddows.

When I climbed Ben Nevis on the 1st June with my brother, dad and dog we were expecting it to be extremely cold because of the altitude, but in fact it was extremely hot. I felt like I was on a beach. It was very hard to do because on the way up it was hard because I was thirsty. On the way down my feet hurt. Even though I was hot we saw snow , but we sat at the top for an hour and a half. It took us 12 hours up and down. We had frequent rests. We were nearly at the top when a military jet flew over. If he sneezed he would have died. The view was amazing and you could see to the sea. It was a brilliant experience and worthwhile. Even the dog was tired, my dad had to carry him. It was a very hard day, because on the way back I couldn’t wait to put my feet up. By Morgan Meddows

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