Gifted and Talented GCSE PE trip

We departed from PB at 6:00pm with a full mini bus of eager and energetic PE students. We arrived at the WBA ground around 6:45 leaving plenty of time to explore the ground.  We finally entered the ground and went straight to find our seats.  Kick off was 8:00pm so we had a hour to look around and see if we could spot anybody we knew.  Surprisingly we managed to spot out Mrs Joyce who was working at the ground so we gave her a wave.

30 minutes before kick-off we watched the players warm up which was humorous, just before kick-off we spotted the West Brom mascots so a couple of us ran down and shouted them for a quick picture.

Finally, the game kicked off and 15 minutes in, yes, a GOAL, Ideye set WBA ahead by 1, however during his celebration he managed to injured himself.  Hull then equalised 4 minutes before half time leading the sides into a draw at the interval.

Half time means Food!  The 2 rows we had were empty: Balti Pie, chips, curry sauce, chocolate and drinks. This should surely see us through the next half.

Second half; just 5 minutes in, Hull scored and went ahead with 2 goals to 1. The game now seemed to be going to Hull.  In the 88th minute the crowd went wild and one of our students nearly had a heart attack, WBA equalised with just 2 minutes to spare. This meant if the whistle went it would be extra time so we were all preparing for another 30 minutes; the chances of one of the teams scoring within that time was pretty slim.

89th minute the ground came alive, everyone was out if their seats, the crowd was cheering but why? Yes the expected happened, West Brom scored the last minute goal which concluded an eventful night.

10,496 attended the game, but from the noise it seemed like more.  We ushered our way through the crowd and eventually ended up at the mini bus.  We belted up and headed home from what was definitely a night we won’t forget!

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