Year 10 GCSE Outdoor Education Trip

  • Year 10 GCSE Outdoor Education Trip
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  • Year 10 GCSE Outdoor Education Trip
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 Rhos-y-Gwaliau, Wales 2014. 

The aim of the trip was to raise attainment for the practical element of the GCSE PE qualification and provide new experiences and opportunities to enrich learning through activities including; Kayaking, Sailing, Rock Climbing and Mountain Walking.  The grades achieved in each activity area can make a large contribution towards each student’s final grade at GCSE level.

The students were engaged in activity from the moment that they arrived, working late until 7:30pm on the first night. The following day there was little time to rest as, after breakfast and chores, students were back on a full day of activities at 8:30am.  Following two days of instruction students were required to use their prior knowledge, alongside feedback from the centre’s instructors, to demonstrate their skills during assessment.  All performances were highly proficient and thoughtful resulting in some outstanding grades, many achieving full marks.  With one activity completed, students had to prepare themselves to repeat the process again for their second activities in the remaining three days.

Throughout the week students showed drive and the willingness to succeed, to achieve the best possible grades in their chosen activities, despite the long days in the warm weather.  This was also noted by staff at the centre, who praised how hard working, focused and determined students were during activities. This resulted in students achieving outstanding marks for their activity areas and this was down to their drive to succeed and competitive nature.

Enormous congratulations go out from the Health and Physical Education faculty to all students on their personal achievements.  Well done!


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