Year 7 students become involved in ‘The Bigger Picture’

Following on from our surprise visit from Stiliyan Petrov last term, all of our year 7 students have been engaging in a national campaign for the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation. ‘The Bigger Picture’  campaign looks to raise funds for lifesaving Leukaemia research, improved patient medical care and support for families at three primary organisations fighting cancer on different frontiers, the University Hospital Birmingham, University College London and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The hope is to raise £100,000 from across the campaign.

Stiliyan said: “I’ve come to understand and appreciate the way in which this disease impacts the lives of so many. It can become a very costly process for families as they require travel, accommodation, and of course the cost of medical care.

“I can help, and I want to help. We can address the issues involved when people are diagnosed with this illness.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to celebrate the ‘little things’. Students at Perry Beeches The Academy have been exploring the importance of the ‘little things’, making art work in relation to what matters to them.


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