Perry Beeches The Academy VS Langley School

1.Ashley Furnival                                         7.Ricardo Heaven                          13.Andre Simpson

2.kai edmead-mckie                                    8.Kyreese Welcome                       14.Ethan Ward

3.Lewis Price                                             9.Alex Moore                                          15.Connor moore

4.Tyreece Davis                                          10.Eghosa Aigbe

5.Morgan Cross                                          11.Josh Shaw

6.Jerrel Holder                                             12.Orlando Grant


Langley school kicked off and about 15 minutes in they scored passed the goal keeper in the top left corner where the keeper could not get it so they were leading 1-0. Coming up to half time Perry Beeches came close to equalising but the Langley keeper saved it so come half time Langley were leading 1-0.

Perry Beeches kicked off for the second half and the Perry Beeches striker came close to equalising but the keeper managed to keep the ball out of the Langley net. Come 5 minutes from full time Langley came close to scoring their second but the keeper punched it out from a cross and then dived to push it for a corner. Full time came and Perry Beeches lost 1-0, an unfortunate loss to a very good Langley team.