Perry Beeches VS ST Edmund

1.Ashley Furnival                                         7.Ricardo Heaven                          13.Andre Simpson

2.kai edmead-mckie                                    8.Kyreese Welcome                       14.Ethan Ward

3.Lewis Price                                                 9.Alex Moore                                  15.Connor Moore

4.Tyreece Davis                                          10.Eghosa Aigbe                              16.Lionel Boko

5.Morgan Cross                                          11.Josh Shaw                                   17.Anton Myers

6.Jerrel Holder                                             12.Orlando Grant                          18.Kye Taylor


St Edmund kicked off and we stole the ball off them gave it to Lewis Price and then he scored to make it 1-0 to Perry Beeches. Then a few minutes later we scored again and Lewis Price scored it that made it 2-0 to Perry Beeches. As soon as they kicked it off again we broke free and Tyreece Davis scored to make it 3-0 to Perry Beeches. St Edmund had a good shot but kicked over the cross bar and that was their only chance in the first half. The keeper kicked it to the midfielders who then passed it onto Lewis Price, he scored to make it 4-0 and then the whistle blew for half time where Perry Beeches were winning 4-0.

The whistle blew for second half to begin and unfortunately we passed it to their striker and the S Edmunds striker got the ball and had a shot where he scored to make it 4-1.We kicked off and we passed the ball back into our own penalty area where they gained possession of the ball. A foul was made on the player and the ref gave a penalty. The striker came up and sent the keeper the wrong way to make it 4-2. We kicked off again and then scored to make it 5-2 but they stole the ball and scored off it to make it 5-3. Our striker scored 2 goals in 5 minutes to make it 7-3, it was in the dying minutes and we had a shot and the keeper dropped it and the ball rolled into the net to make it 8-3 to Perry Beeches. The ref blew for full time and the end result was 8-3.