Students in Year 11 apply for roles of responsibility and represent not only their year group, but the entirety of Team PB.  Our Senior Team here at PB consist not only of our Head Boy and Head Girl but also their Deputies, Senior Prefects and Prefects.  In fact, we have so many fantastic students in Year 11 that consistently “do the right thing” or that have improved over their time with us, that we have had to increase the number of Deputies from 2 to 3 and the number of Senior Prefects and Prefects has increased to such an extent, that now, 54% of the students in Year 11 hold a position of responsibility.

Our Head Boy and Girl lead whole school events, speak at Awards Evenings, represent the student body and represent our school within the wider community, most recently accompanying the Executive Head Teacher at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

The Deputies support the Head Boy and Head Girl with their whole school responsibilities and organise and deliver whole school events, including our most recent “Halloween Disco”. They represent our school touring visitors around school and within the local community at fundraising activities for their School Prom, particularly the Fashion Show fundraiser where community retailers work with the students to organise and hold a Prom themed Fashion Show in the Spring Term.

Our Senior Prefects and Prefects carry out similar roles within our Senior Team, participating in fundraising events, delivering assemblies, assisting at each Parents Evening and Induction Evening and carrying out duties at break time, lunch time and after school.  This enables the student body to have immediate access to our Senior Team and they set an example to younger students on expectations of behaviour, attendance and participation of school life both within the school building and beyond.

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