Title of Student Voice Group:Senior Students

Number of students involved: 2010/11 – 132        2011/12 – 108

Specify the Year Groups involved: Years 7 – 10
Impact- how does the group impact on:

a)    The individuals within the group

Students carry out duties around the school at break/lunch/after school, representing the school in the local community, supporting whole school events, touring visitors around the school; support the HOY and DHOY in the running of the Year Group.

b)    The student/staff body- behaviour and safety

They carry out duties at break and lunch time in conjunction with the staff to ensure the safety and smooth running of the school.
They consider improvements that could be made to help the students achieve the most from the school. They correct uniform of other students and report any concerns they have. They are approached by other students to offer support and advice where needed.

c)    The teaching and learning in the building/Academic progress

Senior Students are selected by criteria which include their academic success based against their predicted and Working at levels, also their behaviour record. This is a role students want and so ultimately impacts on their work and achievement in school.

d)    SMSC development of students

Senior Students help to run and lead assemblies including Presentation Assemblies.  They have to take on responsibilities and help other students as needed.  They keep the role as long as they are responsible and takes the role seriously, this is to increase their responsibility and independence.

How is the group lead and managed? (frequency of meetings/ informing students/ application process- are all students FSM,SEND LAC able to be included?/ students supporting students etc)
Students apply through a written application supported by a member of staff. This is then decide by the HOY/DHOY and FT.
All students are considered for the role and have an equal chance of being selected.
HOY/DHOY assign roles and duties and also lead Senior Students to ensure all duties are done and the team is running smoothly.

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