Buddy System

A Peer Buddy system has been a part of school life at Perry Beeches since 2003. It involves Year 8 students supporting Year 7 students on their transition from primary to secondary school.

The students who are selected to be Buddies are fully trained in the summer term, ready for their first role during Year 6 to 7 induction.

Our new Year 7 students are fortunate enough to have contact with over 30 students who have been trained to be PB Buddies.

The overall aims of the Perry Beeches Buddy programme are:
• To address fears and worries of students transferring from primary school
• To establish levels of acceptable behaviour, attitude and uniform through peer example
• To provide a safe opportunity for new students to share their concerns
• To involve students in the development of their school
• To provide safe opportunities for new students to explore their own solutions to a range of difficulties
• To allow students to play an active part in the induction of new students
• For young people to offer emotional and practical support to their peers
• To promote personal development in helpers
• To have a positive influence on the emotional and social climate of the school
• To enhance self-esteem and confidence of all students
• To increase pro-social behaviour throughout the school

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