Student Voice Interview Panel

The Student Voice Interview Panel Team currently consists of 25 trained students from Years 9 and 10.  The purpose of the Student Interview Panel is to observe lessons and presentations by potential employees when they come to us for interview.  Students will sit on a student panel and ask candidates questions that are pertinent to them, as students within our building.  Students then give constructive feedback regarding their observations. Staff can nominate students to become part of the team or students can express interest themselves. The team is truly representative of the school, reflecting both sexes, races, abilities and backgrounds.

So far this year, our talented, respectful and dedicated students have already completed over 20 interviews.

As Team PB is a learning school, where we are all in the business of education, both students and staff participate in learning and development on a daily basis.  As students reflect on their learning they become more involved in the management of their own education.  This unique role allows our students to contribute to the continued improvement of teaching and learning within our school by bringing talented and knowledgeable individuals to teach within our school.

We feel that engaging students within the interview process will empower them to make the teaching in the building and the lessons delivered to be engaging, enjoyable and of a level that enables all students to work towards their target grades, this, in turn, will be reflected in higher examination grades.

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