Having consulted with our Student Leadership Team and staff, we now have a clear set of values here at PB.  These values best describe our ethos as a school.  We believe that our continued success depends on all of us following “Team PB Family Values” which are:

  • Respect – We respect everyone at our academy is different and that everyone belongs to this family.
  • No Excuses – We do not dwell on barriers, we look for solutions.  Everyone succeeds here.
  • No Limits to Success – We don’t just achieve targets; we exceed targets.
  • Excellence is a Habit – We believe being the best does not happen by chance, it is intentional.
  • Dream, Buy-In, Choice & Commitment  – We expect staff, students and parents to buy-in to the PB way.

As always, we believe that the whole point of school is that students come first and that everything we do must reflect this goal.  When our students ‘cross our blue line’ to come into our school, we expect them to agree to follow our vision, values and ethos.