PUPILS were inspired by a thought-provoking performance and workshop last week by the Birmingham School of Acting. Perry Beeches – The Academy. was invited to The Drum last Wed-nesday (November 21) to watch the SHE production – a performance piece consisting of drama, dance, poetry and animation. It was performed by a cast of 30 second year students from the applied performance community and education programme at Birmingham City University. Following this students were involved in an interactive work-shop at school on Monday (Novem-ber 26), which gave a detailed insight into performance and was specially targeted for Year 10 female pupils. Birmingham’s School of Acting course tutor for applied perform-ance Kerry Downing explained: “The workshops were designed to create debate about the issues sur-rounding girls’ relationships to gangs and the sexual exploitation of young females”. She said: “The workshops Used a mix of drama and games to stim-ulate debate and explore positive and negative relationships, which gave an insight into the barriers

for young women who wish to leave gangs. “They also explored how gangs can manipulate different situ-ations and how to recognise this.” Perry Beeches community and partnership manager Sarah Dor-sett, explained there was a need for these typo of workshops in school and welcomed the visit from the Birmingham School of Acting. “It was a time for the pupils to engage with the workshop and reflect on what the purpose of the day was,” she said. “The Drtirri performance took them out of the school environ-ment and enabled them to give their own opinion and advice to friends who they may know are going through a difficult time.” Due to the school’s response, more class members will be going to see a second performance of SHE next Tuesday, December 4.

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